Choose between purchasing a Lesson or purchasing a Bundle of lessons for a specific purpose. Scroll down to learn more.


What’s a Bundle?

These are a group of lessons designed for specific purposes, usually at a discounted rate as compared to just purchasing a single lesson. Some bundles have been designed for a specific purpose like Homeschool Courses, or in collaboration with an organization for an upcoming Mission Trip, while others are just groupings of lessons at a discount for anyone wanting to sharpen their Spanish skills. No matter which bundle you purchase, you will receive a coupon code in your confirmation email, which you will then redeem when you book your lesson.

Book a Lesson

This one is pretty straight forward, it is where you will sign up for a lesson, whether you are purchasing it a la carte, or using a code from the bundle you previously purchased. Just follow the prompts, and you will be on your way to a lesson with an amazing trained native speaking female tutor!!