The most optimal accessible way to

Learn a language + Change a Life!


We all recognize that full immersion is the best way to learn a language, hands down. To relocate to a foreign country, being exposed to the culture and language on a daily basis, ……… Unfortunately most homeschool parents and children don’t have the opportunity nor funds to take off for a foreign country for months at a time.

So we suggest the second best is through One - on - One tutoring with a trained tutor. Here at TongueTry we realized early on that the homeschool community would be a great partner for us in our mission to


In these first 30 TongueTry lessons, students will achieve a Novice-Low proficiency level as detailed by the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) proficiency levels.  To achieve this level, the curriculum for TongueTry is ACTFL inspired using Can Do Statements to help students assess their understanding and proficiency. 


The curriculum team has created lessons based on the best methods and strategies learned over their combined 90 years of experience in the field of world language education.


At the completion of these sessions, students will be able to communicate on a variety of topics, including those listed below.



I can say hello and goodbye.

I can tell someone my name.

I can understand greetings.

I can state my name.

I can give my e-mail.

I can recognize the sound of a few letters when they are spoken or spelled out.

I can count from 0-10.

I can state my name, age, where I live.

I can give my phone number, home address, e-mail.

I can understand some numbers.

I can say the date and day of the week.

I can list the months and seasons.

I can ask and answer about birthdates.

I can respond to yes/no questions.

I can answer an either/or question.

I can respond to who, what, when, where questions.

I can recognize some color words.

I can list items I see every day.

I can understand some basic food items.

I can understand some basic drinks.

I can order from a café menu.