Impact: The Long and Short of It

It's easy to make a short term impact in someone's life, many non-profits and charities are set up for that, and we absolutely love them for it. But here at TongueTry, we believe that people want to be empowered to change their own immediate circumstances, their futures, and that of their children.  And that's why our mission is not to focus on giving hand-outs to women in developing nations, but to give hand-ups.

not hand-outs, but hand-ups

We want to employ them with fair wages, giving them the ability to earn the finances they need to change their circumstances, as well the education to manage it properly for generations to come, and much much more. 

Why Female Tutors in Antigua? 

Maximum Impact:  It is said that for every dollar you put in the hand of a woman in a developing country, it goes 4 times further than that of a man, for men spend on their vices, but woman, woman spend on their children, family, and communities.  

Language:  Antigua Guatemala is considered the Spanish Language Acquisition Capital of Central America, so it has some of the best schools and a plethora of great tutors. That in addition to the fact that the Guatemalan accent is one of the most neutral and easiest to understand in Spanish, which means our students will be able to be more universally understood. 

Experience:  Our incredible tutors have been successfully tutoring people in Spanish from all over the world for more than a decade. They know what they are doing and are incredible at it. However they are dependent on these travelers, coming to their town, to their school, and being selected by the owner to teach that week. In a land where opportunity is not abundant and the idea of someone pulling themselves up by their bootstraps is not even possible, we are looking to change that. 

Five Focuses of Impact

Pay Fair Wages

Pay Fair Wages


We believe that you must take care of the immediate needs of the women before you can help transform their situations. Currently, most tutors are limited to 4 hours per day with students and paid overall 33% less than the poverty line in Guatemala. By increasing their wage and their hours, our women have the opportunity to make 4 times what they currently make and up to 2.5 times the poverty line. Think about it ... what would it mean to you, to your family if I said, tomorrow I can increase your salary 400%? Yep ... would be a life changing amount of money and so it is for them, and our students directly impact this possibility!

Bank Account

Bank Account


Helping our tutors open bank accounts seem like a silly way to keep them secure, however, with 59.3% of Guatemala living below the poverty line, one of the most dangerous situations for our tutors is to have a large amount of cash on them or in their households. And yet that is how they are currently paid weekly, with cash, which they then must commute to their homes , a practice thieves are very aware of. In addition, banks do not want people in their socioeconomic class to open accounts, so they fee all of their transactions. However, as a corporation, we can open accounts for our tutors, the banks do not apply fees, and their weekly wages can be deposited directly for them. 

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We are always looking for thoughtful ways to be a partner to the community where the majority of our tutors live, Jocotenango. So we have partnered with a a local lawyer, who coaches youth basketball at the local gymnasium, providing equipment which helps keep the kids off the streets and out of trouble. We also sponsor a regional women’s basketball team. And when a crisis happens, like the eruption of the volcano, Fuego, where hundreds lost their lives and thousands were displaced, we raised money and delivered medical supplies and potable water tanks to relief centers and neighboring villages. Click here to see the pictures.




Access to good healthcare is anything but a given in a developing nation. A common cold, a stomach virus or the flu commonly can lead to a much more sever situation and sometimes death. In Guatemala, where some form of public healthcare is offered, you must catch a bus and travel hours, and then possibly wait days to be seen. In addition, you may only apply for private healthcare with a bank account, thus the additional importance of us providing bank accounts. 

Money Management & English.

Money Management & English.


English has proven to be the global language of business, and with that in mind, we want to make sure we leave our tutors better off than when they came to us. Most of our tutors speak some level of English, but most would not be considered proficient. If they ever decide to leave us, we want to make sure that they will be better off than when they joined us, and English is a great way to ensure that. In addition to English we also take our tutors through a money management course. We believe once the essential financial obligations are met, we must educate the women on how to plan for the futures they want, something most people who come from a hand-to-mouth situations have never thought about.

* Programs that we are still setting up and working with local organizations to help provide.