When we say “Change a Life”, we believe it goes both ways. That of your life, That of your tutor's. 



Location:                            Antigua, Guatemala

Native Tongue:                   Spanish

Teaching Experience:        10+ Years

Blanca grew up in Jocotenango, a neighboring town of Antigua, is a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters, and currently lives in her childhood home with her parents, siblings and their families. Her favorite past time is basketball, ask her about it.

Lourdes 3.jpg


Location:                            Antigua, Guatemala

Native Tongue:                   Spanish

Teaching Experience:        12+ Years

Lourdes is married and the proud mother of 3. She lives with her ailing parents, sister as well as her 2 children in a small duplex. She loves learning about new countries and cultures and is thankful for her blessings. 

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