What's Missing in Most Mission Trips?


You work with children in orphanages, construct homes, perform medical miracles, and connect with people amongst many Spanish speaking cultures ... but something is missing, something that most churches and organizations have not thought about…

The Language Barrier


3 Reasons Why It Matters


1. Safety:  What happens when one member of your team is separated from the group, has no cell phone, and does not know the language?  What if someone has an allergic reaction and you need directions to the hospital immediately, but the interpreter is at another location and the locals don't understand what you are asking? 

2. Authentic Connections:  We all know that mission trips are as much about the people going as it is about the people being served.  But what if for the first time, in a different language, you were able to ask an orphan about her half burnt doll, the local villager about the names on his tattoo, or the patient about when the pain began ... not with complete fluency, but enough to understand them. 

3. Respect:  There is no greater sign of respect to the person you are serving than when you attempt to communicate in their language. It shows a level of care and effort that not only impresses, but also helps to tear down cultural barriers, bringing things to a human level.


We Have the Solution


Our company was founded with a mission and is changing lives. Here are 5 reasons we hope will inspire you to join us.

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1. Your Team Learns Spanish Through Curated Lessons

10 Live Lessons: Each team member will receive 10 one-on-one 25-minute sessions with their personal native-speaking tutor via Skype. 

Materials: After every lesson, your tutor will provide curated materials to compliment your experience that will allow you to practice.

Travel Spanish Basics: Curriculum’s focus is on conversational travel Spanish basics, but easily scales to any proficiency level.

Customized: We incorporate relevant phrases and vocabulary geared towards your mission and team.  


2. trained female tutors

Tutors:   We only employ female tutors who have a minimum of 5 years immersion experience and who have been through our intentional interview process.

Curriculum Team:   They are supported by our highly accomplished U.S. based curriculum team composed, of 2 members with Ph.D.s, one with a Master's degree, with over 70 years of classroom Spanish instruction.

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3. The Triple Give

You give ...

our tutors and their children an opportunity to rise out of poverty.

They give ...

 you the gift of communication with relevant language based on your trip, goals and proficiency level. 

We all give ...

 the people you are serving abroad the chance to authentically communicate and connect for maximum impact. 

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4. Direct and MEasurable Impact

Employ: We pay a fair wage. We bring our tutors who have been paid 33% below the poverty line up to over 200% above it. 

Educate: We teach money management skills as well as English language lessons, impacting their lives today as well as their future.

Empower: Our tutors are no longer marginalized nor susceptible to the limitations of traditional gender roles.  


5. Affordable


  1. Ten (10) 1-on-1 online lessons with your personal tutor.

  2. The curriculum is designed for travelers, but we will work with your organization to curate specifics.

  3. After every lesson, each student will be provided materials for study and practice with others.

  4. Potentially meet your tutors if your trip is to Guatemala

all for only:  $100/Person


Missions + The TongueTry Project

We are here for the same purpose … to change the lives of those who have been marginalized, to create opportunity where none exists, and to give hope for generations to come.  Please allow us the privilege of changing lives together!


If you are with an existing group and need to purchase the package, or would like to purchase a lesson, click here.


If you are a leader from an organization and interested in working with us, please click here. We would love to discuss how we thoughtfully can change lives together!