Our Mission

TongueTry is part education start-up and part goodwill organization. To understand how we impact, you need to understand our mission.  It can be summed up in this one phrase.

Learn a Language, Change a Life

We connect our students to trained native speaking Spanish tutors, in an immersion type of setting, online, to address their immediate and long term language acquisition goals, while raising the female tutor out of poverty.

On the frontend we have our ACFTL inspired / PhD created curriculum which takes advantage of the latest research while infusing the most effective acquisition methods. 

On the backend we are impacting the women's lives through four areas of impact: Finances, Safety, Health, and Education. 

We Change the World one person at a time ... 

The outcome? A unique teacher-student relationship that accelerates language learning using collaborative tools, while at the same time investing in the opportunity to support and empower a female language tutor, positioning them for greater success in life.

It is said, for every dollar placed in the hand of a woman in a developing nation, it goes 4 times further than a man's, for he will spend it on his vices, and she, she will spend it on her children, family and community. If you want to change a life, a family, generations to come, then join us at TongueTry.